25th December: Letter to Time

Dear Time,

I have heard you are a wonderful teacher, so I thought I’d drop a few lines to get a better understanding of what your branch of expertise is. I always seem to make the same mistakes and not much learning has come out of it. Can you help?

Since your last visit in town some people have rumoured you have healing powers, no drugs are recommended to heal wounds and make the pain go away, you’re more in favour of natural remedies.  “Let it be, let it be, let it be,” my mother always sings when the good mood strikes her. And when I ask her why she’s so fond of it, she replies that one day Time will make me see things not for what they appear, but for what they are.

So tell me, Professor Time, can you also predict the future? Only a few days ago my sister went to visit an old fortune teller, she claimed her heart was broken. I am not sure what she exactly meant, but the old lady explained she was living in the past or projecting too much hope in the future and Time was covering up the present moment, therefore her unhappiness. “Time is an illusion,” The old fortune teller concluded with her eyes wide open.

I do not believe it. Adults say the same about Santa Clause. Only this Christmas I sit beside the fire to write you a letter because I have heard there is no such precious gift as the gift of Time. I was curious to see what special present you could leave underneath the tree since I chose you over Santa. I am aware you are a very busy man and your clock is always ticking fast, but if you could spare a few moments to stop by I would be the most grateful. I once read an article about you which said Time is the greatest traveller, you never visit the same place twice. Learn the lesson and then let it go. Again, what is it that you teach?

Whatever it is you do, you must be really good at your job because your fame precedes you: Time is money, Time is precious, Time is change. People think highly of you.

Only my grandfather does not seem to like you very much, he once said you were a thief. And when I asked him what is it that you had stolen from him, he replied: “Chances.”

I must have looked confused because then he added, “That miss moment which passes and never comes back.” I must have looked even more puzzled because he said,” Do not worry Time will come to teach you the lesson, he will make you understand, he will make you learn, just remember to use every moment wisely.”

Thus, I got reassured, I cannot wait to meet you. You are the greatest teacher of all.

With Love,

The Spirit of a child.


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