Bio: Hello Everyone, I’m an Italian girl living in London. I’ve decided to open this blog to share my thoughts and some life experiences. Why letters from the clouds? When I was teenager I would spend hours at home reading and writing. I still remember my mum telling me, “Melania mia, why you never talk?” haha. Now I’ve changed, but when I’m at home I still like to withdraw myself sometimes to read or write. I keep a book of empty pages under my bed which I fill it up with thoughts, night dreams and letters to people I will never send. But my real founts of inspiration are my books: I like to underline sentences I find particularly interesting. One of the quotes by Kafka reads: “a book is like a key to unknown chambers within a castle of one’s own self.” I’m one of those who always has her head in the clouds and I imagine myself sitting on one of those white cushions and observe people and things from a distance. I like to see the magic in the ordinary because you never have to change what you see, only the way you see it. But then I remember what a science man once told me, “nobody would be able to live in the clouds: there’s no oxygen up there and the wind blows one hundred and fifty miles an hour.” So I’m forced to come back on earth, but I still look at the sky every now and then, waiting for signs to guide me... As author John Green once wrote, “It’s embarrassing that we all just walk through life blindly.” I'll update my blog monthly. Thank you, Mely x

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  1. Mely, thanks for liking my poem/site. It gives me the opportunity to see yours & read your stories. I’ve only read the lucid dreaming one so far but I love your style. Thanks. As to your scientist who tells you there’s no oxygen up in the clouds…well you can fly in a plane! I always grab a window seat & stay entranced for the flight. or… if you lucid dream….


  2. Hi, Mely, Thank you for liking “The Horizon” on lifehelps. Do come back and visit again.
    I say, as long as you keep at least one toe on the ground, you can have your head in the clouds all you want. Keep dreaming and writing. hannah


  3. Feels great to visit your blog, and even greater to read this “about me” section.
    As i could relate to, especially about being on a cloud just being a witness of the happenings around and then changing the perception and relishing the same happening with a newer taste and then coming down to earth and become part of the happening.
    I feel maybe wisdom is all about mixing it right, as in, when to be on cloud and when on earth.

    Excited to see more from you
    Cheers 🙂

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  4. Thanks for your like of my review of ‘Dreams’ by Charles W. Leadbeater! Just had a look at your About page. Well, I was like you as a child, very introvert, and a book rat … not interested in what most of the other boys were interested in (football, etc.), retiring at the piano whenever I had the time.

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  5. So glad you choose not to walk through life blindly. It is so easy to do, as you wrote in your post,…to walk the same path every day. Even one minor detour opens up so many possibilities for you, new sights, new adventures. Sounds like you are on your way with your own internal GPS. You go, girl!! And thank you so much for visiting Tovarysh!!


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