An Old Legend in Peru’

Have you ever desired to throw your phone into the ocean, delete all those stupid social media accounts, hide in a little corner of the world or get on top of the highest mountain and scream your name?

On a sunny day in Cusco, near the ruins of the temple of the Moon an old Peruvian woman wearing traditional clothes approached me:

Eres perdida? (Are you lost?)” She asked.

“Yes, I mean…no” I replied a little bit bothered by her question.

Not convinced about my answer she sat behind me and lightened an incense stick. “Have you ever screamed your name out loud?”

I know some people do it in order to let anger out, but curiosity stroke, so I turned around and asked: “No, why?”

“An old Inca legend tells that when someone is lost in life it is because they’ve lost “the vision” – an ideal guide we get in the afterlife for what our highest self intends to happen in life. Before we come to earth only your soul carries that vision. When you say your name out loud not only you learn to listen to your inner voice, but to reach for your soul which is lost out there somewhere. The first instinct is usually to answer to someone who’s reaching for us, but we’re so used to hear other people calling our name that sometimes saying it out loud does sound strange.”

With a faith born out of desperation, I decided to proceed believing in what I was doing. Useless to say that the vision did not come to me and it did sound really unusual for me to shout my name out loud. At first I simply whispered my name and then I became more and more familiar with the echo of my voice that resonated among the rocks and trees below me.

The sun was already dipping behind the mountains when I opened my eyes. I took a deep breath and as I turned around to thank the woman I realized I was alone and for a moment I thought I had imagined it all. I blinked several times in disbelief till the wind blew and brought with it the scent of incense. I smiled.

“See the magic in the ordinary,” I whispered to myself.

I may have not find my vision yet, perhaps I never will, but are the simple coincidences in life  that help us gain back sight of ourselves; like an old Inca Legend in an ancient land which stirred up something in me I had lost in a very long time: faith.


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