Inspired by the Night

Finally dusk turned into night and the sea below her vanished in the evening mist. She was sitting on the edge of a varnish bucket filled with gold paint and lifted by a red balloon she would travel through the sky drawing tiny little stars.

Though Eurus – the wind god – jealous of the silky and starry blanket of the Night, commenced to blow harder till it made the bucket swing and drop all the paint into the water.

Annoyed by the silly prank of envy Eurus the poor girl decided to refer all to Zeus and while flying attached to her red balloon she looked down: “Ohhh!” the girl smiled in surprise. Her drawing was not bad after all: covered in shimmery painting the sea began to play games of reflection with the moon which was now so brilliant that made the all the stars pale.


3 thoughts on “Inspired by the Night

  1. Beautiful, incomprehensible though. Our thoughts are such a mystery sometimes. It seems like a dream, but with awareness of the presence of life and movement of light around. I believe that it is the voice of your heart. Your mind, your words are just a vehicle to take them forward. Beautiful. Keep writing with such original creativity.


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