Letter To A Friend: A Brand New Ending

Dear Friend,

That’s it, you’re leaving.

Yesterday I saw you standing in the rain staring at the gate of your house like an irresolute traveler, merely waiting for the drizzle to pass, perhaps a little bit afraid of what might lie ahead. I recognized that look in your face: that thoughtful expression of a lost human being whose path gets slowed down by the weight of that little picture-book carried in her heart.

I know how you feel when no longer know what you want or wish for, but time will show you where your path leads. Things seemed easier before when you lie to yourself and live a life dictated by your intellect and family’s expectations, neither embracing the concept of dreamy, magic and aimless wandering.

You know what Hermann Hesse once wrote? The fact that the blind one knew nothing of his own blindness made things easier only for himself. Oh, you should’ve heard that dark melody coming out from the deep well of your soul. It was begging you to listen to your innermost and irrational forces that made you forgotten who you really are. We’ve talked about this, we know people are half awake if not completely put asleep by society.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we stop believing in fairy, ghosts and star dust? “Magic is not about what you see,” a gypsy once told me. “it’s about hope.  Most people think fairy tales are just for little girls wishing one day to be saved by prince charming. Well I can tell you, my dear, it’s more to that: those tales are for everyone who believes that anything in life is possible.”

So my friend, believe in magic again, like we did when we were kids. We believed we could fly, we wished on stars and casted magic spells in front a mirror thinking it could turn us into whatever we wanted to be.  Well, we both know that did not work, so it’s on you to decide who you want to become.

Set off in this new adventure and don’t look back. I hope it’ll make you see things differently and make you change your mind a thousand times a day. I hope it’ll bring you new challenges and the strength to overcome them. Accept the inexplicable despite the fear. And if the word “beginning “scares you, I hope you’ll have the courage to make a brand new ending…

With Love,



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