Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Last night I had a strange dream. I was looking at myself in the mirror, but my image appeared distorted and confused.  And when I took a closer look I could see nothing.  As in hope an answer would come out of it, I began to shake the mirror back and forth – back and forth holding it from both sides.

“What the hell are you doing?” The mirror asks in an angry tone.

 “Don’t you see?” I reply annoyed by the question as if it would look obvious to anyone. “I’m trying to get to look at myself clearly but every time I try I see someone else. I’m tired mirror on the wall, it’s been weeks since this has happened and I want to understand why. I must find a solution.”

“Silly little girl,” the mirror says. “Don’t you know that the word “must” last only three days? The magic sentence is Mirror, Mirror on the wall I’ll do my best to accomplish and to resolve.”

See, what sounds like a distorted version of Snow White’s fairy tale it was actually for me a point of reflection.  The mind often creates negative images: too many thoughts could lead to a life of illusion. Better to stick to the old good formula: one day at time. We look for answers in others, in places we visit, on the web or in books. Do we ever sit down and listen to ourselves?

We don’t meet people by chance: we are all like mirrors reflecting each other’s goods and faults. If we pay enough attention we’ll see a bit of us in every person we like, hate, love, admire or criticize. Every relationship, good or bad, can always help us understanding more about ourselves.

“Now close your eyes,” the Mirror says.

“But how am I going to see myself with my eyes closed?” I ask

“Ohhh, find strength in your heart! Anxiety is part of mankind. Learn to live with it, but do not let it control you.” It says rising its voice. “Obsession can easily enslave us.”

“Can I avoid pain?” I whispered

“ Yes, you can. But you will never learn anything.”

Waking up from my dream I stayed in bed jotting down the things that the mirror had told me. I experienced again terrible feelings of anxiety thinking about situations I don’t seem to be able to change. Gradually this obsession gave way to meditation and I let my fear and thoughts come along without fighting them. I was determined to stay in bed and contemplate for a few more minutes. Then minutes turned into hours.

I slowly learned to accept the inexplicable despite the fear. I understood that wisdom does not lie in the answers we find, but in the secrecy of the questions we asked when we listen to our soul.

I suppose this is what the mirror was suggesting. We need to learn to let go, like a flowing river, without any power or control. Happiness is an inside job.


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