…And Move The Fuck On!

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. How many times have we spent days, weeks and months over thinking about a situation we don’t seem to be able to change? Last night I could not sleep experiencing small feelings of anxiety so I texted my friend.

“Do not over analyze” she simply suggested.

The next day I went to see her. She lives in the country side, near a field of lavender. Her mum gathers fresh flowers every two days and places them in a small Murano glass vase that I brought her from my trip to Venice.

I lifted it to admire the game of lights the sun was playing with those tiny colourful glasses, the flowers smelled wonderful. Then suddenly something touched my bare leg, I screamed and let the vase slip down my hands.

SMASH! The vase crashed on the floor in a thousand pieces.

“Oh my God,” I said still surprised. “You have a cat!”

“Yup, and you have just broken my mum’s favourite vase,” my friend replied in an ironic tone of voice.

“Great, now I feel even worse,” I murmured while bending in order to clean up the shattered vase

“You see Melania, you came here to find an answer,” She said smiling. “That vase is broken or even if we could try our best to attach those little pieces together it would never look the same again”

I took a deep breath and smiled back.

“Now leave that mess on the floor…” She said out loud. “And move the fuck on!”

(Oh life! I couldn’t have asked for a more simple and more understandable sign…)


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