Waiting for The Night to Fall…

It was dark. We were both lying in bed when he began to stroke my hair.

I love the night; I’ve always found it fascinating. When I was a little girl I would imagine the night like a mysterious man covering the world with his dark blue cloak made with satin and stars. Humans feeling protected and hidden by it would finally feel free to reveal their true selves. Poems, dreams, perversions, fantasies, ghosts, tears and prayers: don’t they all belong better to the night?

I love darkness. You don’t need to close your eyes to drift somewhere in the clouds; “in the darkness I can be wide awake and still dream of you.”

Somebody once said that we all have a lot of darkness in our souls – Anger, rage, fear, sadness- and it’s part of the human condition. In the course of life you figure out ways to deal with that and I and him had decided to face it all by staying together that night. It wasn’t love, but we didn’t care. We had met at the wrong time: both hearts had been shut down so brutally that we had decided to lock ourselves away from love. We were intended to stay naked close to each other till daylight would make us feel ashamed and guarded again.

“Look dawn,” He said looking out the window. “My favourite time.”

“Is it?” I asked trying to catch his eyes as though I wanted to figure him out.

“It’s the new chance we are given to put order to the confusion of the night…”

I kept staring at him, but all I could see was a shadow. Isn’t it ironic how a shadow can only be seen in the light and the stars can only appear in the darkness?

Well, here it was my mysterious man of the night, he did not need to wear a satin cloak though: his masculine body, his knowledge of Greek mythology and his several adventures around the world fascinated me enough.  “What else this black shadow hides?” I began to wonder.

A wonderful fact to reflect upon, Charles Dickens used to say, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. Perhaps only when a secret is shared two people may get to know each other.

“Tell me a secret?” I said breaking the silence.

“You want me to share a secret with you?” he chuckled embarrassed.

“Well, now I know you like dawn…what else?” I asked.

He got closer to me to bite my lips and while stroking my hair he whispered:

“I wait all day for the night to fall (…)”


10 thoughts on “Waiting for The Night to Fall…

  1. I love darkness. You don’t need to close your eyes to drift somewhere in the clouds; in the darkness I can be wide awake and still dream of you. – i loved this so much. so i thought to quote it. I do will wait for such night. Awesome…!!


  2. If this is fantasy or truth Im not sure it certainly felt like it could be real while I was reading it!! I look forward to reading more from you! 🙂


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