Letter to a Friend, You cannot Fail at Being Yourself

Dear Friend,

We haven’t spoken in days, but I needed time to think all through.

You’re right, life is ironic: takes absence to value presence, takes sadness to know what happiness is and gives us darkness to see the stars. It’s all a contradictory game. Remember when you told me that we all accept the love we think we deserve? Well, we don’t only accept it, we stick to it. We’re in a crap relationship, we are unhappy and we live our life miserably hiding behind the excuse we’re just trying to make it work.

We’re all afraid of change. We’re terrified of the unknown and of the idea that after many years giving up is like a failure. Is it better to be worse? Would you be happier to be unhappier?

Yesterday I went to visit this magic and colourful place in Barcelona called Park Guëll. One of the greatest architects, Antoni Gaudi, planned and directed the construction of the landmark from 1900 to 1914 for a residential park intended for a few single- family residences. However, after fourteen years, the project was unsuccessful and never fully completed.

“Park Guëll: the greatest failure,” read the front page of a Spanish national newspaper.

In the early 20’s the park became city property and founds several ways to transform itself preserving the architectural treasure that Gaudi had built for it. At present 9 million people from all over the world visit the park every year and UNESCO has recognized it as a world heritage.

So my friend Gaudi reassured me: even when things don’t work the way we’ve planned them, life will always find a way to rebuild itself up.  In our silent conversation Gaudi explained me that the love and the hard work we put into something never get wasted, what we give comes back to us in different forms and shapes. Ends are new beginnings and change is the only possible road to happiness. Love never stays the same, it needs to transform itself to survive.

Now pull yourself together, be unashamedly contradictory and do whatever your heart says, it knows all the answers. You cannot fail at being yourself.

Meanwhile I’ll pray for you. I’ll ask the wind to blow a little bit harder tonight. I’ll demand it to cross the ocean, travel through cities filled with music and strange people to carry for you my words of affection.

You know it’s possible. I believe in magic.

Love always,



14 thoughts on “Letter to a Friend, You cannot Fail at Being Yourself

  1. The things reflected in your thoughts r so true…i too believe that nothing gud ever goes unrewarded…we just need to wait…but this wait is hard u know…not knowing how things will shape up is hard…ends have new begginings in them..true..but we struggle to let go..something holds us back from letting go..what if it turns out to be a wrong decision?…change is the ultimate truth…may everyone hve d power to withstand d many changes in life…ur post sure brought a smile☺


    • You’re absolutely right Saphira letting go it’s the hardest thing ever!I personally think there’s no right or wrong, we make decision we accept the consequences: we have to do what’s best for us, what makes us happy in that moment. I believe that in life we always have to try to make things work, but if they don’t we have to walk away…change is part of life and nature is the one teaching us that.
      Have faith. if something is meant to be it will be..everything will take care of itself…
      Thanks for commenting


  2. That’s beautiful and reassuring. Now, when I visit Barcelona, which I’m planning to, I will look at that place from a completely different angle.
    I believe with all my heart that that’s the way things are – even though they appear to be unfinished and broken, for some they will be a real treasure.

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  3. This post is absolutely on point, it’s amazing I really enjoyed reading it, thank you so much. It’s crazy coz what you spoke about was on my mind, and you put it into perspective for me, what a good post. Love xx


  4. Woow thank you absolutely beautiful post, this was amazing. Love never stays the same it needs to transform itself to survive- I loved that. Sorry that I commented twice lol. Just need to add x


    • I once read a story by Paulo Coehlo about a cloud and the sand dune that fell in love with each other. (…)The dune really wanted to know what rain felt like:
      “If you want I can rain on you,” said the cloud
      “But if you transform your lovely white hair into rain you will die”
      “Love never dies,” said the cloud.”it is transformed”
      The following day the dune was covered in flowers. Other clouds that passed over, mistaken it for a forest, scattered more rain. Twenty years later, the dune had been transformed into an oasis that refreshed travelers with its fruits and the shades of its trees… 😉

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      • Such a beautiful message, thank you so much for sharing that with me. This is intresting as i have alwYs said energy never dies it is only transferred, your message of love being transformed reminded me. This is beautiful as we are coming to see things may not come to an end, and what appears to be the end is merely change. Change. It all depends on how you embrace it. Thank you for sharing. Love x

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