A Stranger in New York: The Guy Who Didn’t Believe in God

It was summer 2012 when I moved to New York by myself. I like travelling alone. I personally think everybody should do it at least once in their lives. It’s challenging, but it’s also a great opportunity for reflection and learning. There’s nobody by your side to rely on and that gives you a chance to get to know yourself better, push your boundaries and open up to new people.
I have a sentimental attachment to New York. And most of the friends I’ve made over there seemed to be gone to America because they were in search of something, hope perhaps. One of them was Andrea.
Andrea is an Italian guy in his late 20s who left behind an unsatisfactory job; a complicated relationship and a few family problems. The first time I got to meet him was in an Irish pub and he had no concern in sharing with me his story. He told me that on the day of his arrival he found out that his beloved aunty had died of cancer. Although he knew she was really sick, he was still intended to get to fly to the other side of the world; if he could’ve only had another chance to say goodbye to her.
Andrea is an atheist; he’s never believed in God and thinks men are responsible of their own actions.
As blue as a man can be starts wondering alone in the city and finds a busy spot off the noisy and crowded streets of Times Square. He watches a football match and shares two or three pints of beer with a group of English guys who were there on holiday.
On his way home the Italian guy, by thinking of his dead aunt, begins to cry. Where to hide? In the end, tears are for weak people. An old chapel attracts his attention and inside there was only a black man praying in silence. Andrea sits behind him and burst into tears. As if aware of what was going on in his heart, the black man moves by his side and begins to sing a gospel song. That single voice rises in the air filling with hope the entire chapel lit only by dim candles light. For the first time in his life he felt at one with the Universe and his soul was at peace. In that moment, time was only an illusion and he experienced a great sense of gratitude. Finally, the black man stops singing; taps Andrea’s shoulder and leaves. It’s still hard to explain why and how certain things happen, but we are all connected somehow.
“It’s amazing how sometimes a total stranger sees you more clearly than you see yourself,” I said.
He smiled and after a long break he said: “Well, dear stranger…God was there.”


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