I Simply Decided to Love Myself More

Dear Friend,

I try to understand your reasons, but I find it difficult to comprehend. You seem to be in the middle of a great battle against the world. But anger, my dear, is only a reflection of your thoughts and your inability to allow to be as it is. You see, it’s often the expectations of our own mind that are creating our own hell. This emotional frustration perhaps comes from mental models of how you believe life and the people around you should be. Why can’t we ever let it go?

Patience is a virtue, although I’m afraid to say that lately I’m running out of it. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I got to a point in my life where I’m tired to please everyone but me. I believe in bilateral relationships that’s why I don’t get along with people who always want it their way. I no longer spend a single minute on those who put their problems onto me expecting me to solve them.  Rigid and inflexible personalities really bore me because I believe life is not a straight line and in order for things to change you have to be able to change your mind. I do not tolerate cynicism and unconstructive criticism. I dislike comparisons, because I’m not here to live up to anyone’s expectations: I’m my own unique spirit. I don’t want to waste any more time to love those who do not love me and to keep giving without having nothing in return. Respect for me is above all in all sorts of relationships. And if I try to make an effort to make it work I don’t understand why people can’t do the same. So if you are willing to compromise and listen also to my reasons I’ll be more than happy to talk things further, if not I think it’s time that we go separate ways.

 I guess I simply decided not to accept anymore negativity, pretence and hypocrisy of all sort.

 I guess, I simply decided to love myself more.

All the best,



17 thoughts on “I Simply Decided to Love Myself More

  1. best of luck. however, remember that there are always numerous monkeys lurking about waiting to toss wrenches into the machinery of the best laid plans of mice and men. sorry about the mixing of metaphors. the older you get the more things change.


    • I like that mix of methaphores 🙂 Oh they do change but the good thing is you finally know what it is that you want or what you don’t. thanks for sharing your thoughts John


  2. I loved this post. I came to this conclusion myself when I felt like I was giving more than I was receiving. When i decided to cut the negatively out my life, I learned who my true friends were.


    • I felt exactly the same when I was writing this post last night. I refer here generally to both friendship and relationships. We all know that giving on any level feels really good, but internally all forms of giving are not created equal. Well, if it cannot be equal, it should be at least mutual.


  3. It’s such an amazing feeling when you realize to let go of the things that cause more problems than their worth. I’ve been there too. It’s so freeing to let it go sometimes. Keep moving forward! Great post.


  4. How did you get to be so wise at such a young age? I love your spirit and your realization that we have the ability to change our world just by changing our perceptions of it. You go, girl. Life is a wonderful gift and as a friend of mine has recently said, you can ride with someone briefly as you help them find their way, but then you have to get out of their car and allow them to journey the rest of the way on their own. We each have our own lessons to learn and we can’t take another’s lessons away from them. I personally have enough of my own lessons to keep me busy! 😉 Thank you for visiting Tovarysh!

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    • Yes, I definitely agree with you!! When someone crosses our path is because we both have to learn or teach something…some stay in our life others take a different path..it’s all a matter of learning and then letting it go
      Thank you for your amazing comment 🙂


    • Ohhh thank you soo much!!! 🙂 Sounds really interesting, not sure if I’m ready for this but I’d like to take a look…Would you mind sending me that link again? Therefore the link is not working. What is it about??? Sorry never heard about this before I’m quite new to blogging


      • I’m new to blogging as well so I don’t have to technological stuff down yet sorry.I posted from my desktop and it lets me open it but it’s not letting me open it from the wordpress app. Not sure how to fix it. I have it listed on my home page under Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. It’s a good way for bloggers to get to know each other and promote each other. Someone nominates you and ask you questions, then you nominate blogs you like and ask them questions

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