The -Ion type of love and the Greek myth of Pygmalion

One day was enough to fall in love.

People give all sorts of definitions for that kind of love: pass-ion; infatuate-ion, obsess-ion, connect-ion. In brief a –ion type of love. I even tried once to justify that unreasonable feeling by calling it “Soul recognit-ion.”

Psychiatrist and past-life therapist Dr Brian Weiss says we go through life times in order to learn and in this amazing experience called life we get to meet people from the past who travel across centuries and the depths of heavenly dimentions to be with us again. When soulmates meet a sudden feeling of familiarity and safety may be immediate and that sensation is awakened by a look, a kiss, a touch. Well, I was very comfortable around him, it was so easy to strike up a conversation and being in silence sometimes didn’t feel awkward at all.

 Oh, did I tell how handsome he looked? Tall, dark and he had giant hazelnut eyes, mmmh… His peppermint fragrance was spicying up every sense of my body and every time he would put his arms around my waist I felt my knees melting. It wasn’t all about look though. The young man was smart, funny. He seemed like he was carrying an invisible script on him that would tell him exactly what to say or do. Even the universe had conspired against me that night by lighting a huge round moon in the clear summer sky. Was this perfect-ion?

No, it wasn’t. Not long after that magic encounter many things got in the way: lack of time, fear, distance, age gap, culture, work schedule. Or maybe this is all a lie. These are just excuses the mind makes because we always feel the need to give a reason to everything. It is said no such excuses exist when we love with the heart, no with the mind. Reality was that things were better only when we were apart, when we could imaging each other the way we wanted or we could pour down deep thoughts in endless letters without looking into each other’s eyes.

Have you ever heard about the Greek Myth of Pygmalion? Pygmalion was a sculpture who lived in the island of Cyprus, land of Aphrodite, goddess of love. He would scorn all women in his town. For the Greek artist the gentle sex was nothing, but trouble. One day Aphrodite, feeling dishonoured by his refuse to love women, forced him to pick one for his wife. In order to gain time Pygmalion begins to work on a new statue of goddess. In the end, as many of you may know, he falls in love with his own creation and when the beautiful statue comes alive he discovers she was not perfect as he thought her to be. No human being is, only a figment of imagination can attain faultlessness.

When we put someone on a pedestal, we are not actually seeing them, we are seeing only our ideal and only those aspects of them that we want to see. Fantasy takes over reality as words take over your mind. No facts. We were both denying the actual experience of each other.

Love, like rain, nourishes from above, drenching a man and a woman with soaking joy and excitement, says Mitch Albom. But sometimes, under the angry heat of life, love dries on the surface and must nourish from below, tending to its roots, keeping itself alive.

Pass-ion&dedicate-ion. You need them both. This is not another –ion type of love…

I believe it’s just love.


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