The man who hugged a tree

There are no coincidences in life. If we pay close attention to our thoughts and to what surrounds us, we will receive a sign about what to do or where to go. It’s like a giant light bulb going off in your mind. Sociologists call this experience – synchronicity, spiritual people – awareness.

James Redfield in his book The Celestine Vision explains something deeper is shifting in human consciousness and some mysterious spiritual process is influencing our lives. Little by little, we are stepping away from abstract arguments about religions and dogma and becoming more aware of the meaningful coincidences that occur every day. Some are clear, others barely perceptible, but all give us evidence that they are there to guide us. We only need to open our mind.

A few months ago, for instance, I was going through a very bad time. Some very important decisions needed to be taken and I felt lost and confused. I decided to go for a walk in the park when I saw a man hugging a tree. He had must noticed I was in deep thoughts and he came up to me. Although I found the whole situation a bit bizarre, something was telling me that that man was safe.

(…)He explained to me that contrary to popular belief by hugging or just by touching a tree will improve your health and all the wisdom a tree gains by living across centuries is passed onto you in order to help you connect the outer world with your inner self. Well, I suppose it takes some awareness in doing this, though I’m sure that even being within their vicinity must have some effect.

Although I was fascinated by his conversation, I decided to stay silent. In the end, what did I know about this man? A smile crept across his face while writing down his telephone number on a piece of paper. “I know what you thinking, this guy is only trying to chat me up.” I laughed embarrassed and as I turned to leave, I heard him say: “Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright.”

See some chance events occur at just the right moment and bring forth just the right people who carry a “message” in order for you to make important decisions and take a different direction in your life.

Confusion is not a bad thing, it’s a bit like travelling they say: getting lost helps you find yourself and, as you see, sometimes you don’t need to go very far because you never know what’s around the corner. Ask yourself some questions and suddenly something or someone will appear to give you a sign.

A couple of days after that casual encounter I got the answer I was waiting for and I was finally be able to make up my mind. I touch a tree every now and then and I repeat to myself that everything is going to go well. I think of that young man sometimes. His name was Michael. I dialled his number that same evening. That number does not exist.


4 thoughts on “The man who hugged a tree

  1. yes, tree touching. when i was a kid a neighbor had a very large and very old fig tree in their yard. it was a grand tree in all respects at any time of the year. i loved touching it. there’s a gas station now where it once stood. i miss it.


    • After that bizarre encounter I always touch a tree whenever I get the chance. Don’t stop doing it, find another old, huge fig tree!! Wish people would open their minds and believe more in these sort of things to understand the value of taking care of nature
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. This is such a beautiful story. A couple of years ago, if I’m honest, I would have dismissed the whole thing as hippy claptrap. But as I open my mind and my awareness, so many more possibilities open up. We know so little really about the nature of time and existence. The more open we can be, the more wise and the more beautiful serendipity we get to experience. Plus, hugging a tree just feels GOOD.


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